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Pride and Penitence

Blood Bowl

Pride and Penitence

A Blood Bowl story

It's the Purity Cup final, and the purest team in the league are… losing? To low-down, cheating rats? Can the team convince their star player Gerhardt the Penitent that winning is the most important thing?

It's a different take on Blood Bowl – when cheating is a way of life, just what does happen when you refuse to? And seriously, how did skaven make it to the final of the Purity Cup anyway?

Halfway through the Purity Cup final, and the Bright Crusaders – a team renowned for never ever breaking the rules, or behaving dishonourably – are in trouble. Their skaven opponents have no compunction about using any means possible to win, and the Crusaders are already down to two-thirds of their strength. Their one hope is to galvanise their erratic star player - Gerhardt the Penitent - into leading the team to victory. If only they can get him to believe for once that winning is the right thing to do!

Written by Alec Worley

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