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Warpsword (Print on Demand)


Warpsword (Print on Demand)

The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade book 4

Malus Darkblade comes to Har Ganeth, the deadly City of Executioners, in search of an ancient artefact: the fabled Warpsword of Khaine. But time is running out for Malus and the daemon is growing stronger...

As if Malus' life hasn't been complicated enough already, now he has to contend with the dread guardians of Har Ganeth and risk the, er, less than tender mercies of the Cult of Khaine if his quest is to continue.

Print on Demand
Available to order until 5pm GMT on Saturday 31st March 2018.
This book will be printed to order and we expect to dispatch it within 35 days of you placing your order.

Your entire order will be dispatched when this book is available. If you are ordering other items alongside this book and would like them sooner please order them separately.

A member of the dark elf race, Darkblade's reputation as a warrior is beyond compare and his cruelty is legendary - even by the standards of the dark elves. Having been possessed by the foul daemon Tz'arkan, Malus undertakes a perilous quest to regain five magical artefacts that will free his soul or damn him forever! The search for the infamous Warpsword of Khaine takes Malus to Har Ganeth, the City of Executioners, where he crosses paths with his half-brother Urial, who also seeks the blade – because prophecy says that whichever of the siblings claims the Warpsword will be crowned the Scourge and usher in an age of eternal bloodshed!

Written by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee