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The Twisted Runes


The Twisted Runes

A Silver Skulls story

The Silver Skulls return to action in a new short story that sees the Chapter in peril as the runes show catastrophe – can Prognosticator Rhondus save his brothers from certain death?

It's a new take on the silver-armoured, prophecy-following Space Marines, with some twists and turns that will leave your head spinning.

The Silver Skulls are descended from the genetic line of the Ultramarines, scions of Primarch Guilliman himself – and yet they could not be more different from their forebears. The warriors of the Chapter will not march to war unless the auguries guide them, as interpreted by the psychic Prognosticators. When one such Prognosticator – Rhondus – foresees the death of all his brothers in the runes, he sets out to prevent the catastrophe. But will his actions save the Silver Skulls or forever damn them?

Written by Matt Smith

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