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The Pact


The Pact

A Silver Skulls story

Returning to their original homeworld of Lyria, Sergeant Kerelan and his elite Terminators find an unexpected enemy… and an even more unexpected ally.

It's an unusual pairing of the Silver Skulls and the aeldari – and that's always gonna be fun.

The Space Marines of the Silver Skulls make the planet of Varsavia their home, but this was not always the case. Once, they were resident on Lyria, and now, the elite Talritug Terminator squad returns to that benighted place at the behest of Prognosticator Bhehan. But all is not well, and an enemy awaits them… along with an unexpected ally. But can Sergeant Kerelan and his allies trust the perfidious aeldari to honour their pact?

Written by S P Cawkwell

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