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Path To Glory


Path To Glory

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar story

Amidst the ruins of the Lantic Empire, a few brave survivors fight to the last. With Chaos everywhere and the empress lost to a burst of lightning from the Heavens, it falls to a captain, a sorcerer and the new emperor to try and save their people.

It's a sweeping epic, longer than your usual short story and packed full of action, drama and intrigue – and it's the Black Library debut for Evan Dicken.

The Age of Myth is over. After centuries of peace, the forces of Chaos have returned to the Mortal Realms, and Order is being overrun. Sigmar has retreated to Azyr, and those left behind make their stand in the face of the numberless hordes of the Dark Gods. In the ruins of the Lantic Empire, a few brave heroes lead their shattered armies in the defence of their once-mighty realm. With their empress dead, a captain, a sorcerer and the new emperor must make a stand and try to save their people.

Written by Evan Dicken

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