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Light of a Crystal Sun


Light of a Crystal Sun

A Fabius Bile story

Desperate to stop his body's degeneration, Fabius Bile tries to use remnants of an aeldari seer, crystallised but still powerful, to discover the secrets of life after death and bring himself immortality…

It's a creepy story (is there any other kind starring Fabius?) that takes our anti-hero out of the physical realm and into the spiritual – can he prevail against the souls of dead aeldari, or will he find himself shattered?

For centuries, Fabius Bile has performed vile genetic experiments, torturing and killing thousands to create twisted hybrids of life. But now, a new challenge emerges. He seeks to use the power and knowledge of the ancient aeldari in order to save his own life from the illness that ravages his body, As he connects his consciousness to fragments of a crystal seer stolen from the heart of Craftworld Lugganath, he faces peril unlike any he has ever experienced before. Can Fabius hold out against the psychic might of the infinity circuit, or will his mind die before even his body does?

Written by Josh Reynolds

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