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Duty Waits


Duty Waits

A Horus Heresy story

As Terra awaits the inevitable assault by Horus' armies, Imperial Fists patrols find their greatest day to day challenges come from dealing with the heightened defences and with civilians unhappy with the new focus on war.

It's a story that only Guy Haley could write, getting in the heads of Space Marines on Terra's walls, and showing the devastating effects of waiting for an uncertain assault.

On Terra, the Imperial Palace awaits war. Since the Alpha Legion infiltrated the mighty structure, the Imperial Fists have upped their patrols, defences have been tightened and the planet prepares for the coming of Horus. Four primarchs stand ready to defend the Throneworld. But the enemy do not come. As the situation worsens and morale drops, Captain Maximus Thane and his company are forced to deal with a civilian riot – with tragic consequences.

Written by Guy Haley

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