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Darkblade: eBook Bundle


Darkblade: eBook Bundle

A Warhammer Chronicles bundle

Prepare to delve into the darkness of Naggaroth and experience the adventures of the soulless druchii Darkblade. Pack all six Malus Darkblade novels onto your eBook reader and enjoy one of Warhammer's most infamous antiheroes.

It's Darkblade's entire journey, from feckless layabout to hero of the druchii – and beyond – in one collection, ready for your eBook reader.

Even among the the cruel and twisted druchii, Malus Darkblade has a reputation for depravity and horrific behaviour that is unsurpassed. In this collection of six novels, you'll witness his entire journey from illegitmate son of a dark elf lord to undisputed ruler of an entire city – and to his grisly death in the final great battle between the druchii and their eternal enemies, the asur. Follow Darkblade on his quest to gather mighty artefacts and reclaim his soul from the daemon Tz'arkan, his murderous rise to power and his great fall in tales by Dan Abnett, Mike Lee and C L Werner.

The Daemon's Curse by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee
Bloodstorm by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee
Reaper of Souls by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee
Warpsword by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee
Lord of Ruin by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee
Deathblade by C L Werner