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A Darkblade story

Betrayed and imprisoned by former allies and pursued by the deadly Bloodwalker, Malus Darkblade must strike a bargain with his captors if any of them are to survive.

It's a different tale for Darkblade, as he is on the backfoot, surrounded by foes and with an unstoppable menace hunting him.

Malus Darkblade, renowned as particularly deceitful, murderous and treacherous even among the druchii, has no shortage of enemies. Some of these foes have caught up with him, and he is imprisoned, without allies, weapons or hope. Of course, escape is a given – but when the vicious daemonic Bloodwalker turns up to hunt him, that escape needs to happen quickly. Can Darkblade overcome his reputation and strike a deal with his captors, or will they all be doomed to fall to the sinister monster?

Written by C L Werner

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