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The Volturung Road

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

The Volturung Road

A Fyreslayers story

When their hold is lost in accordance with ancient prophecy, the Fyreslayers of Ulgaen-ar set out into an unfamiliar realm to seek aid.

It's a great insight into the Fyreslayers lodges, showing the relationships between them, the organisation of them, and giving an amazing look at their place in the Mortal Realms.

For a century, the Fyreslayers of Ulgaen-ar have been under siege, the servants of the missing Chaos God Slaanesh keeping them penned in their ancestral home with constant vicious assaults. But when a prophecy comes to pass and the hold falls, the survivors find themselves homeless and in the unfamiliar Realm of Aqshy. Seeking sanctuary with their erstwhile cousins, they walk the Volturung Road – but danger awaits them at every turn.

Written by Guy Haley

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