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Black Library Advent Calendar 2018

The Horus Heresy

Black Library Advent Calendar 2018

All 24 stories for the price of 19!

Christmas is coming… but before it does, there are 24 days of adrenaline-fuelled fiction to enjoy. Tales from the Blackstone Fortress and the underhives of Necromunda sit alongside stories from the eve of the Siege of Terra and adventures from the Mortal Realms. This subscription ensures you can read (and listen to) them all.

You'll get a new story every day – with tales from the 41st Millennium, the Mortal Realms, the underhive and the Age of Darkness, there's a host of adventure, horror and excitement to suit every taste.


The Black Library Advent Calendar 2018 Subscription is available for a limited time only – get it before Tuesday 1st January 2019 at 10am, or miss out!

As Christmas approaches, it is time once again to delve into the mysteries, horrors and adventures that lurk in the Black Library Advent Calendar. This year brings you 24 stories – eight audio dramas and 16 digital shorts – from the worlds of Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Necromunda and the Horus Heresy. Brave explorers will venture into the heart of the Blackstone Fortress. In the depths of Necromunda, a series of bounty hunters will ply their bloody trade. As the Siege of Terra approaches, the key players will consider their fate amidst the carnage to come. And in the Mortal Realms, heroes will rise and fall and destinies will be forged. You can experience all of this and more in this incredible subscription, which will bring you a new story every day and keep you entertained (and perhaps terrified…) all the way to Christmas.

This subscription includes 24 stories - 16 eBook Quick Reads in ePub and mobi formats, and 8 MP3 audio dramas. Each day, a new title will be added to the subscription zip file in your Black Library account, ready for you to download. If you subscribe partway through the Advent Calendar, all released stories will be made immediately available, with the remaining stories being added to your zip file each day. For more information on downloading and opening zip files, please refer to our Help pages.

Day 1: Old Wounds, New Scars by Graham McNeill
Day 2: Blood Gold by Gav Thorpe
Day 3: Fire and Thunder by Rachel Harrison
Day 4: Man of Iron by Guy Haley
Day 5: A Deeper Shade by C L Werner
Day 6: Abyssal by David Annandale
Day 7: Acts of Sacrifice by Evan Dicken
Day 8: Son of Sorrows by John French
Day 9: A Lesson in Iron by David Guymer
Day 10: A Dirge of Dust and Steel by Josh Reynolds
Day 11: The Deserter by Justin D Hill
Day 12: The Last Council by L J Goulding
Day 13: Motherlode by Nick Kyme
Day 14: One, Untended by David Guymer
Day 15: The Battle of Blackthunder Mesa by Phil Kelly
Day 16: Atonement of Fire by David Annandale
Day 17: The Palace of Memory by David Guymer
Day 18: Expectatio by Matt Keefe
Day 19: Black Atonement by David Annandale
Day 20: Purity is a Lie by Gav Thorpe
Day 21: Hungerfiend by Guy Haley
Day 22: Sand Lords by Peter McLean
Day 23: Half-Horn by Josh Reynolds
Day 24: A Rose Watered With Blood by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

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