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Classic Inferno! Issue 8


Classic Inferno! Issue 8

Available for three weeks only!

With the glorious return of Inferno! as a paperback short story anthology, we're reprinting classic issues of the original Inferno! for you to collect. Each issue will be a facsimile of the original magazine, available to print on demand for one month only.

Another Dan Abnett double – starring the well-loved characters Gilead and Gaunt's Ghosts – is joined by tales of Chaos and a Penal Battalion, with predicatably explosive results.

This book is print on demand and will be dispatched within 56 days.

Inferno! magazine was the very first publication from Black Library, way back in the wild days of 1997. A bi-monthly magazine gathering together short stories, comics, art and interesting features, it delved into the worlds of Warhammer in a way that codexes and rulebooks couldn't – and acted as a launching point for new writers and characters who soon found their way into novels (and even games!). This issue sees Dan Abnett once again dominating the pages with a new tale of Gaunt's Ghosts and a story of the elven wanderer Gilead. He's joined by a story about an Astra Militarum Penal Battalion and a curious tale of Chaos conquerors, plus two comics, art and more.

Short Stories
Gaunt's Ghosts: The Hollows of Hell by Dan Abnett
Gilead's Fate by Dan Abnett
The Raven's Claw by Jonathan Curren
Hell in a Bottle by Simon Jowett

Obvious Tactics, Episode 8 by David Pugh
Trespass by Gordon Rennie & John Hicklenton

The Conquest of Obzidion by David Pugh

Plus art by Wayne England, Mark Gibbons, Karl Kopinski, Logan Lubera, Percy Melbye, Jeff Rebner & Craig Yeung