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Black Library Siege of Terra Coaster Set


Black Library Siege of Terra Coaster Set

There's nothing better than settling down with a good book and your drink of choice… and what could be more appropriate for reading the forthcoming Siege of Terra series, or any other Black Library book, than a set of four vinyl coasters emblazoned with imagery from the new series?

Themed around the Siege of Terra, these coasters include imagery from two Space Marine Legions – the indomitable Imperial Fists and the vengeful Iron Warriors – plus the Imperial Aquila and an icon of the Solar War, the first stage of the siege. They're the perfect resting place for your drink, whether it's a hot cup of Terran tea, or a tankard of Fenrisian mjod.

This set of four vinyl coasters includes the following four designs:

– Solar War symbol
– Imperial Aquila
– Imperial Fists Legion
– Iron Warriors Legion