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Ghosts of Khapthar

Digital eShorts

Ghosts of Khapthar

An Idoneth Deepkin story

With their enclave in peril from the risen dead, a group of Idoneth Deepkin make a treacherous journey over land in search of aid from their kin.

Dive into the oceans of Shyish and discover what life is like for the Idoneth Deepkin in the Realm of Death. You'll also get to explore some of the bonds between enclaves and explore how the Deepkin feel about Nagash.

The undersea enclave of Khaphtar is in danger. The seas where they have long made their home have been invaded by the servants of the soulthief Nagash. All around them, mighty creatures of the deeps are dead and dying, and without them, the delicate balance of life in the region is doomed. The only hope for salvation is a difficult journey across the land to the enclave of Mor’phann in search of aid – but even if Akhlys and her fellow warriors survive the hazardous journey, there is no guarantee that their isolationist kin will help them…

Written by Miles A Drake

This story is also available in the anthology Oaths & Conquests.

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