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Books 41-43: Unabridged Audiobook Collection


Books 41-43: Unabridged Audiobook Collection

A Horus Heresy audiobook collection

Unabridged audiobooks of two novels and an anthology from the Horus Heresy series see the truth behind the Webway War revealed, the journey of Nathaniel Garro unveiled and the battles of the Shattered Legions detailed.

These three audiobooks all follow the theme of the battles behind the scenes of the Heresy's major conflicts. From the depths of the Imperial Palace to the Shattered Legions' guerrilla war, it's full of non-stop thrills.

On Terra, a war is being waged beneath the Imperial Palace that few know the true nature of – the Webway War. And the Emperor's forces are losing… Across the Imperium, Knight Errant Nathaniel Garro embarks on missions to gather heroes to serve the Sigillite, and seeks his own destiny. And wherever the Traitors make gains, the Shattered Legions are there to harry them and slow their advance on Terra, in a series of short stories and a novella about the guerrilla war waged by the Isstvan survivors.

The Master of Mankind by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Garro by James Swallow
Shattered Legions, an anthology containing:
– Meduson by Dan Abnett
– The Noose by David Annandale
– The Keys of Hel by John French
– Unforged & Unspoken by Guy Haley
– Immortal Duty by Nick Kyme
– The Either & The Seventh Serpent by Graham McNeill
– Deeds Endure by Gav Thorpe
– Grey Talon & The Hand Elect by Chris Wraight

Running time approximately 38 hours. Narrated by Jonathan Keeble & Toby Longworth.