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Augur of Despair: Part 3

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Augur of Despair: Part 3

A Blackstone Fortress audio drama

Back in the Blackstone Fortress, Murad and Montbard face the perils of the alien construct and the servants of the Dark Gods.

Discover how the story ends as our heroes delve once more into the deepest mysteries of the Blackstone Fortress and encounter a dangerous enemy.

Neyam Shai Murad and Gotfred de Montbard have returned to the Blackstone Fortress, guided by a map projected by the mysterious artefact they found on their last expedition. With only the servitor X-101 to aid them, they seek a shrine they believe the map will lead them to – but the defences of the alien labyrinth stand against them, and should they find what they seek, they may discover that even greater foes await them, for many are the dangers that lurk within the Blackstone Fortress.

Written by Chris Dows. Running time 20 minutes, 25 seconds. Performed by Tom Alexander, Lanna Joffrey, Luis Soto & Andrew Wincott.

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