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Lords of Nocturne

Nick Kyme

Lords of Nocturne

A Warhammer 40,000 eBook omnibus

The Fire-Born return to action in a digital collection containing four novels and a host of short stories by Nick Kyme, detailing the Salamanders Chapter and delving into some of their greatest trials of the 41st millennium.

It's a classic series that set the tone and feel of the Salamanders Space Marine Chapter like nothing before it. If you're a fan of the Fire-Born, or just want to know more about this volcanically tempered Chapter, this is an essential purchase.

The Salamanders have a long and noble history, standing proud among the First Founding Chapters. Though their appearance can be terrifying, they are deeply honourable, and will go to any lengths to safeguard the Imperium and its billions of teeming citizens. After the death of their captain, Da’kir and Tsu’gan, battle-brothers and rivals, face enemies from within and without. As their paths diverge and they face trials that will test them to their very limits, their destinies draw them back together for one final confrontation.

This eBook collection includes the novels Salamander, Firedrake, Nocturne and Rebirth, plus a host of additional short stories, all written by Nick Kyme and focused on the fiery Salamanders Chapter of Space Marines.

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