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Mazlocke's Cantrip of Superior Substitution

Graeme Lyon

Mazlocke's Cantrip of Superior Substitution

A Blood Bowl story

The Black Water Boyz are down on their luck – and their last chance is to use a dodgy wizard to bring them some high quality backup. But when the spell goes wrong, players (and others) find themselves in the wrong bodies… and wackiness ensues.

It's body-swapping on the Blood Bowl pitch. What will a goblin do in the body of an ogre? How will an arrogant Blitzer cope in the form of a less-than-fit fan? And when an ambitious cheerleader gets on the field (albeit in the body of a star catcher) will she finally get to live her dreams?

To say that orc team the Black Water Boyz are down on their luck would be an understatement. They have lost every game they have played this season, and are almost broke. They simply have to win their next game, but with a team of ten dispirited orcs and a nameless goblin pitted against the Talabheim Titans, their quick defeat looks certain. Borgut, the orcs’ coach, can only think of one solution. It might not be entirely legal, but he could spend the last of the team’s cash hiring a wizard to help them win the game. It’s a brilliant plan – what can possibly go wrong?

Written by Graeme Lyon

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