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Augur of Despair: Part 2

Chris Dows

Augur of Despair: Part 2

A Blackstone Fortress audio drama

If Murad and Montbard are to claim the spoils of their discovery, they must first survive the attentions of Genetor Sett's vile experimental subjects.

Hear the Arch-Militant and Crusader fight for their lives – and discover what the mysterious artefact they found can lead them to…

Disaster has befallen Neyam Shai Murad and Gotfred de Montbard. Trapped in Gandar Sett's laboratory and surrounded by the mad genetor's living experiments, they must fight to survive. However, Sett holds their future in his hands and he will not see his creatures harmed. Can the pair fend off the wild beasts long enough for the containment fields to reactivate, and defend the genetor in the process? Even if they do, they may not be able to trust Sett to help them unravel the mystery of the artefact they found in the Blackstone Fortress…

Written by Chris Dows. Running time 18 minutes, 54 seconds. Performed by Tom Alexander, Lanna Joffrey & Luis Soto.

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