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The Tranzia Rebellion

Warhammer 40,000

The Tranzia Rebellion

The first ever Black Library radio play

The Doom Eagles and their Adepta Sororitas allies must get to the bottom of a world’s rebellion before it dooms them all. Thirteen episodes of full-cast audio action.

Stellar acting and immersive sound effects create the atmosphere of a doomed world and the few brave heroes who fight to avert the catastrophe. The story’s serial structure means it’s packed with twists, turns and cliffhangers, and with treachery at large, everyone is a suspect. And the final revelation of the mind behind the rebellion is a true Black Library classic.

The masters of the Doom Eagles Space Marines Chapter descend upon the world of Tranzia to honour a batch of new recruits who will lead the Chapter into the next generation. As they make planetfall, the world rises up against them in a rebellion organised by the alien Tau. But something else lurks behind the xenos, a horror that has haunted the Imperium since its very beginnings. The Doom Eagles and their Adepta Sororitas allies are thrust into a race against time to discover the true architect of the Tranzia Rebellion before the entire world is consumed by darkness.

'The Tranzia Rebellion' is Black Library's first ever full-cast radio play. What sets this apart from the rest of our audio dramas and audiobooks is that there is absolutely no narration. The whole story is told through dialogue delivered by a cast of voice actors, coupled with atmospheric sound effects and music. It's the most immersive Warhammer 40,000 audio experience yet.

The story comes in thirteen episodes in a zip file. Each is between 8 and 11 minutes in length, for a total running time of 1 hour and 54 minutes. Written by C Z Dunn, John French, Nick Kyme, George Mann, Andy Smillie & Gav Thorpe. Performed by Jayne Collingwood, Martyn Ellis, Chris Fairbanks, Jonathan Keeble, Paul Panting, Jamie Parker, Saul Reichlin & Jane Wymark.