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Space Marine Battles: The Audio Dramas

Warhammer 40,000

Space Marine Battles: The Audio Dramas

A Warhammer 40,000 audio drama collection

Eleven action-packed audio dramas from the 41st millennium see the Space Marines battle myriad foes across the length of the Imperium.

Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Angels Encarmine, Grey Knights, Ultramarines, White Scars, Raven Guard, Flesh Tearers and Space Wolves... need we say more?

These tales of heroism and conflict are set across the Imperium, from the blood-soaked ash wastes of Armageddon to the war-torn worlds of the Damocles Gulf. Featured in these stories are warriors from almost a dozen Space Marine Chapters, including stoic Dark Angels, ferocious Flesh Tearers, noble Ultramarines and savage Space Wolves, all doing battle in the Emperor's name.

This collection contains the following audio dramas: 
The Ascension of BalthasarBloodspire and Terror Nihil by C Z Dunn 
Mortarion's Heart by L J Goulding
Veil of Darkness by Nick Kyme
The Shape of the Hunt by Joe Parrino
Master of the Hunt by Josh Reynolds
At Slaughter's End, Blood in the Machine, Deathwolf and From the Blood by Andy Smillie