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Scions of the Storm

The Horus Heresy

Scions of the Storm

A Horus Heresy unabridged audiobook

The Word Bearers encounter a planet where worship of the Dark Gods echoes their own nascent beliefs. Will they purge this world or embrace its darkness?

Another step in the Word Bearers' fall to darkness is revealed, along with some of the foul deeds they committed to get the attention of the Chaos gods.

Shortly after the shameful events of Monarchia, the Word Bearers Legion have begun to prosecute the Great Crusade with a previously unseen level of zealotry and aggression. The world of Forty-Seven Sixteen falls into their sights, a world where the human populace worship graven idols in their heathen rights, and yet plead to be integrated into the wider Imperium. Captain Sor Talgron of the 34th Company stands ready to serve his primarch – but does the Legion have more in common with the people of Forty-Seven Sixteen than they realise?

Written by Anthony Reynolds. Running time 1 hour, 18 minutes. Read by Gareth Armstrong.

A prose version of this story appears in Tales of Heresy, book X of the Horus Heresy series.

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