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Quick Listens: Audiobook Collection

The Horus Heresy

Quick Listens: Audiobook Collection

A Horus Heresy audiobook collection

Navigators, cultists, soldiers, Space Marines and more try to survive humanity's civil war in six short audiobooks that expand the scope of the Horus Heresy.

It's six tales that take the Horus Heresy in new and different directions, showing heroes and villains alike in a new light.

Across the Imperium, heroes and villains clash, warriors perform secret missions and cultists plot to bring about the glory of the Dark Gods. From blood-soaked battlefields where the Space Wolves seek revenge on traitors to the heart of the World Eaters' flagship, these six short audiobooks expand the scope of the Horus Heresy and provide an insight into some of the smaller battles that rage unheeded in a galaxy at war.

This collection contains unabridged audiobooks of six Horus Heresy short stories:
Heart of the Conquerer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Riven and Serpent by John French
Kryptos by Graham McNeill
The Divine Word by Gav Thorpe
Lone Wolf by Chris Wraight

Total running time approx. 3 hours and 20 minutes. Read by Ian Brooker, Jonathan Keeble, Toby Longworth and Penelope Rawlins.