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Siege of Terra Audiobook Collection – Books 1-3


Siege of Terra Audiobook Collection – Books 1-3

The galaxy is in flames. The Emperor’s glorious vision for humanity lies in ruins. His favoured son, Horus, has turned from service to the Imperium and embraced Chaos. His armies, the mighty and redoubtable Space Marines, are locked in a brutal civil war. Some remain loyal to the Emperor, whilst others have sided with the Warmaster.

Pre-eminent amongst them, the leaders of their thousands-strong Legions, are the primarchs. Magnificent, superhuman beings, they are the crowning achievement of the Emperor’s genetic science. Thrust into battle against one another, victory is uncertain for either side.

After seven long years of bitter fighting, Horus has finally reached Terra. Suffering and damnation await all should the Emperor fall and the war be lost. The end is here. The skies darken, colossal armies gather. For the fate of the Throneworld, for the fate of mankind itself…

The Siege of Terra has begun.

This collection includes the first three novels in this epochal miniseries, charting the war in the Solar System as the Traitor fleet approaches the Throneworld, and the opening stages of the battle. Grand armadas clash in the stars, billions of soldiers defend the walls against all the horrors of the warp, and primarchs clash as battle is joined.

The Solar War by John French. Approx running time 12 hours 15mins
The Lost and the Damned by Guy Haley. Approx running time 12 hours 58 minutes
The First Wall by Gav Thorpe. Approx running time 12 hours 49 minutes

Narrated by Jonathan Keeble