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Prospero: Unabridged Audiobook Collection


Prospero: Unabridged Audiobook Collection

A Horus Heresy audiobook collection

Listen to the story of the razing of Prospero from both the Space Wolves’ and Thousand Sons’ perspectives in a pair of unabridged audiobooks from the Horus Heresy series.

It's the iconic, defining tale of both the Thousand Sons and Space Wolves, and the origins of ten thousand years of hatred between them. It's also a pair of stories by two of Black Library's most popular authors, with more surprising twists and turns than we can count.

The Thousand Sons have long been collectors of arcane lore. Their fascination with the occult and esoteric has earned them the mistrust of many of their brother Legions, and as the Great Crusade draws to a close, they are ordered by the Emperor to cease dabbling with the warp. When they ignore that command, the scene is set for a confrontation with the Space Wolves that will change the fate of both Legions forever.

This collection contains the unabridged audiobooks of the novels A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill and Prospero Burns by Dan Abnett. Running time approx. 30 hours.