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Books 22-24: Unabridged Audiobook Collection


Books 22-24: Unabridged Audiobook Collection

A Horus Heresy audiobook collection

Traitorous brothers unite to take on mankind's Imperium not once but twice in a collection of audiobook adventures that encompass the Shadow Crusade that devastates Ultramar and an even more shadowy mission into the Eye of Terror – plus 'Shadows of Treachery', which collects two novellas and five short stories.

These stories all delve into the previously untold stories of the Heresy, filling in the gaps between Isstvan and Terra for several Legions, and showing the lengths to which the Traitor Primarchs will go to achieve their victory over their former brothers.

Two primarch team-ups change the face of the galaxy! Fulgrim and Perturabo team up for a mission that will prove the apotheosis of one and the beginning of the end for the other, while Angron and Lorgar bring ruin to the Ultramarines as their Shadow Crusade unfolds. Meanwhile, the anthology Shadows of Treachery brings tales from across the Imperium, from the killing fields of Isstvan V to the Iron Warriors' battlefleet where the Imperial Fists fight for survival, and the halls of the Imperial Palace itself where Rogal Dorn ponders the Imperium's future.

Shadows of Treachery, containing the following stories:
– The Crimson Fist by John French
– The Dark King by Graham McNeill
– The Lightning Tower by Dan Abnett
– The Kaban Project by Graham McNeill
– Raven's Flight by Gav Thorpe
– Death of a Silversmith by Graham McNeill
– Prince of Crows by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Angel Exterminatus by Graham McNeill
Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Running time approximately 48 hours. Narrated by John Banks, Jonathan Keeble and David Timson.