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Books 44-46: Unabridged Audiobook Collection


Books 44-46: Unabridged Audiobook Collection

A Horus Heresy audiobook collection

Unabridged audiobooks of two novels and an anthology from the Horus Heresy series reveal the fractured state of Magnus the Red and his Thousand Sons' efforts to save him, tell the story of the biggest tank battle in history, and bring an end to Imperium Secundus.

These are three massively important tales, getting major players into place for the Siege of Terra and bringing story arcs to a close, as well as showing the full breadth of the Battle for Tallarn.

The Thousand Sons, traitors by necessity if not in spirit, walk the path of Chaos as they seek to save the shattered psyche of their primarch Magnus. On Tallarn, a once-verdant world is devastated by the largest armoured war in history as ten million tanks, Titans and more battle for supremacy across several linked stories. And with their dream of Imperium Secundus in ruins, Guilliman, Sanguinius and the Lion ready their fleets to force their way through the Ruinstorm to Terra, and the final battle of the Horus Heresy.

The Crimson King by Graham McNeill
Tallarn by John French
Ruinstorm by David Annandale

Running time approximately 38 hours. Narrated by Jonathan Keeble & Peter Wickham.