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Heirs of Grimnir: Part 1

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Heirs of Grimnir: Part 1

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar audio drama

The death of their father sends a band of Fyreslayer Runesons on a quest for revenge – but they may not be targeting the right enemy…

Delve into the deepest mysteries of the Unbaki, the Fyreslayers David Guymer wrote about in Realmslayer, in the first instalment of a three-part adventure that will change their fortunes forever.

The mysterious death of Runefather Aruk-Grimnir and his son and heir, Angruk, spark a crisis in Karag-Unbak, the great Fyreslayers lodge. As his remaining sons squabble over the throne, further disaster is revealed – the gates to the lodge's vault lie open and a treasured possession is missing… one without which the very future of the Unbaki may be cast into doubt. Sure that they know the culprits, the Runesons march to battle – but have the chosen the right foe?

Written by David Guymer

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