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The Realmgate Wars: The Audio Dramas

Age of Sigmar Audio Dramas

The Realmgate Wars: The Audio Dramas

8 MP3 audio dramas for the price of 6!

Listen to the complete journey of the Bull-Hearts, from their hunt for the God of Death, Nagash himself, to their quest for vengeance against their betrayer in eight audio dramas, available in one great value bundle for the first time.

It's an epic quest (well, two, but they're very closely linked) that turns a freshly-forged warrior chamber of the Stormcast Eternals into a band of weathered heroes – and it features a host of familiar faces from the World That Was, including Nagash himself…

A journey into the Realm of Death in search of Nagash himself leads the Hallowed Knights Warrior Chamber known as the Bull-Hearts into a dangerous alliance with an arch-betrayer... and the consequences of that decision lead them on another hunt, searching the Realm of Beasts in a quest for vengeance. Eight audio dramas weave a tale of hope, treachery and retribution that crosses Realms, life and death.

The Prisoner of the Black Sun, Sands of Blood, The Lords of Helstone and Bridge of Seven Sorrows by Josh ReynoldsBeasts of Cartha, Fist of Gork, Fist of Mork, Great Red and Only the Faithful by David Guymer

Total running time 9 hours and 52 minutes. Performed by Gareth Armstrong, John Banks, Ian Brooker, Beth Chalmers, Steve Conlin, Jonathan Keeble, Toby Longworth, Stephen Perring, Saul Reichlin, Luis Soto and Ramon Tikaram

These audio dramas are also available in the collections 'The Hunt for Nagash' and 'Knights of Vengeance'. The prose versions of all 8 audio dramas appear in the Realmgate Wars collection 'Mortarch of Night'.

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