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The Hunt for Nagash Audio Drama Collection

Age of Sigmar Audio Dramas

The Hunt for Nagash Audio Drama Collection

Get all four parts of the first ever Warhammer Age of Sigmar audio drama series. An easy and convenient way to enjoy this saga of the servants of Chaos and the quest to find Nagash.

Nagash is in it. Seriously, it’s that simple. It's also an official part of the Realmgate Wars story and the first in-depth exploration of the Realm of Death. Plus, the Stormcasts' unlikely ally is a familiar face from the World that Was... and if you know who he is, you'll be shouting at the characters not to trust him.

In the long-ago Age of Myth, Sigmar's pantheon of gods conquered the Mortal Realms and ruled them in peace – until the coming of Chaos. Among the greatest of Sigmar's allies was Nagash, the god of Death and ruler of the underworlds of Shyish. At the height of the Allpoints war, Nagash betrayed his oaths of loyalty and doomed Sigmar's plans to failure. Now, as the God-King's Stormcast Eternals battle to liberate the Mortal Realms, a force from the Hallowed Knghts Stormhost has been sent to find Nagash and bring him back into the fold. But as they search the Realm of Death, they find only the servants of Chaos – until a chance encounter provides hope. If they can trust a vampire, that is.

The Hunt for Nagash Audio Drama Collection consists of four audio dramas by Josh Reynolds, in a zip file.

Part 1: The Prisoner of the Black Sun
Part 2: Sands of Blood
Part 3: The Lords of Helstone
Part 4: Bridge of Seven Sorrows