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Legends of the World That Was

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Legends of the World That Was

5 Time of Legends omnibuses for the price of 3

The man who became a god and founded an empire. The sorcerer who became a king of a realm of the dead. The heroes and villains of an ancient race who warred on each other. The man who held together an empire. The kings who tore down two mighty empires. These heroes – and more – will be found in the five Time of Legends omnibuses within this collection.


It's a whopping fifteen novels jam-packed with all the heroes, action and excitement you could hope for from Warhammer Fantasy Battles novels – and then some. And available at an amazing price for a limited time only.

The heroes and legends of the World That Was underpin the myths of the Age of Sigmar. Now you can experience many of those legends and read the tales of some of those heroes in a phenomenal bundle. Their deeds are legend. These are their stories.

The Legend of Sigmar by Graham McNeill
Sigmar is the greatest leader of men the world has ever known. By saving the high king of the dwarfs, he earned the eternal friendship of the mountain folk. When a mighty horde of orcs threatened his lands, he united the tribes of men to stand against them at Black Fire Pass. He broke the siege of Middenheim and pushed back the forces of Chaos. In defeating the great necromancer Nagash, he saved mankind and secured the future of his empire.

The Rise of Nagash by Mike Lee
Nagash was the first necromancer and the supreme lord of undeath. He wrested the secrets of dark magic from the elves and perverted them to suit his ends. When the priest-kings of Nehekhara stood united against him, he broke their armies and sacked their cities. He raised the largest army of the dead the world has ever known and became an immortal dark god.

The Sundering by Gav Thorpe
Malekith, betrayer and usurper, architect of the great war that will divide the race of elves. Alith Anar, wrathful avenger whose spirit will forever haunt the traitorous druchii. Caledor, reluctant leader, the one elf who can hold back the darkness and restore peace to Ulthuan. Witch King, Shadow King and Phoenix King.

The Black Plague by C L Werner
The Empire conceived by Sigmar has stood for more than a thousand years, but now it rests on the edge of destruction. As war and disease sweep across Sigmar’s realm, a hero rises in the north and begins to embrace his destiny as the future leader of a united Empire – if he can survive the trials to come.

War of Vengeance by Nick Kyme, Chris Wraight & C L Werner
The War of Vengeance, or War of the Beard, was a great and terrible conflict between the elves and dwarfs for the domination of the Old World. This bitter struggle left both races forever diminished and forged an enmity that would endure until the world's ending...