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A Horus Heresy audio drama

The Raven Guard Raptors discover a derelict Space Wolves ship. Though the vessel appears abandoned, a secret lurks within that threatens to bring the two Legions into conflict.

Two chapters of mutated Space Marines take on the Sons of Horus! Usually kept hidden from their brothers, the Raptors and the Wulfen must learn to work together in order to defeat their treacherous foe. This audio drama packs in action and suspense with plenty of treachery and deceit.

After the decimation of his Legion on the killing fields of Isstvan V, the primarch Corax sanctioned an accelerated implantation process to create new Raven Guard - a process subverted in secret by his enemies. But in spite of their horrendous mutations, the warriors of the Raptors still stand ready to do their primarch's bidding. When a watch-pack of Space Wolves legionaries arrives unannounced, it falls to Lieutenant Navar Hef to greet their warlike kinsmen and decide whether or not they might be hiding flaws of their own...

Written by Gav Thorpe. Running time 69 minutes. Performed by Joe Absolom, Sean Barrett, Chris Fairbank, Michael Fenner and Saul Reichlin.

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