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Necromunda Week: The Bundle

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Necromunda Week: The Bundle

All 6 stories for the price of 4!

Delve into the murky depths of Necromunda's underhive for six fantastic tales of treachery, gang war, old grudges and new rivalries. From the brutes of House Goliath to the warrior-queens of the Escher, there are thrills galore.

It's been a long time since there was new Necromunda fiction from Black Library, and this is your chance to see writers like Josh Reynolds, Guy Haley and Robbie MacNiven make their mark on the underhive!

It's been many years since Black Library dared to delve into the underhive, but finally, Necromunda is back! With this amazing value subscription, you'll get access to six short stories set in the depths of Hive Primus. From a Goliath ganger seeking one of Necromunda's most notorious killers to a weapons deal that's broken up by the brutal tactics of the Enforcers, you'll find six tales of action, adventure, treachery and rivalry. And by subscribing, you'll get all six for the price of just four.

This subscription includes 6 eBook Quick Reads in ePub and mobi formats. Each day, a new title will be added to the subscription zip file in your Black Library account, ready for you to download. For more information on downloading and opening zip files, please refer to our Help pages.

Day 1: Death's Head by Josh Reynolds
Day 2: Burned by Darius Hinks
Day 3: Emp-Rah's Eye by Guy Haley
Day 4: Scar Crossed by Nick Kyme
Day 5: Once a Stimm Queen by Robbie MacNiven
Day 6: Dirty Dealings by Rachel Harrison