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Gods and Monsters EShort Subscription

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Gods and Monsters EShort Subscription

A Broken Realms eShort Subscription
5 eShorts for the price of 4!

With Broken Realms: Kragnos just over the horizon, dive into the realm-shaking narrative saga with a collection of five short stories from Black Library. Follow the fates of seemingly inconsequential characters as they encounter some of the most powerful beings in the Mortal Realms, and find out how even the smallest actions can send ripples across history.

On the 24th - 28th of May get a new story of gods and monsters, from the points of view of the denizens who inhabit the realms.

This subscription includes five eBooks in ePub and mobi formats. Every day, a new title will be added to the subscription zip file in your account, ready for you to download. If you subscribe partway through the week, all of the released stories will be made immediately available, with the remaining stories being added to your zip file as they come out. For more information on downloading and opening zip files, please refer to our Help pages

This bundle includes:

Oracle by Liane Merciel
- Archmage by Evan Dicken
- Dark Master by Richard Strachan
- Everqueen by Noah Van Nguyen
God of Earthquakes by Phil Kelly

Free Extracts:

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