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Blood Bowl

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Blood Bowl

Welcome to a delightfully twisted fantasy world where humans, elves, goblins and ogres work out their aggressions not on the battlefield, but on the football field. When talented scout Slick Fullbelly spots Dunk bringing down a Chimera with a spear from a hundred paces, he's sure that his search is over. Slick works for the Bad Bay Hackers, and they need a new thrower. Dunk is about to be plunged headfirst into the insane world of Blood Bowl, the fastest, meanest sport in this dark and brutal world. Dunk puts down his sword and steps off the battlefield... and onto the football field.

This classic Black Library novel was the first ever set in the lunatic alternate fantasy of the Blood Bowl world: a world where the brutal wars of the Old World have been replaced with an arguably even more brutal game of football. If you're after serious fantasy, this is not it. But if you fancy a no holds bared, action packed, rough and tumble roller-coaster of a sporting hero story meets monster mash - then game on!


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