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Black Library Celebration Short Story Subscription

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Black Library Celebration Short Story Subscription

6 eBook short stories for the price of 5!

From the trials faced by newly-discovered primarchs to moments of quiet in the midst of battle and the dark path walked by the Blood Angels' Redeemer of the Lost, six brand-new short stories from the Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000 are the perfect lead-in to the 2019 Black Library Celebration.

Three of these tales are great tie-ins to the fantastic new books premiering for the Black Library Celebration – The Buried Dagger, Angron: Slave of Nuceria and Honourbound – and the other three are intriguing stories that widen the worlds of the 31st and 41st Millennia.

Celebrate the adrenaline-fuelled fiction of Black Library – and the galaxy-spanning series that is the Horus Heresy – with six brand-new short stories released over the course of the week, including three from the Age of Darkness. Across these tales, you will discover secrets of Mortarion and Angron from around the time they were brought into the Imperium, see what lengths Arkhan Land will go to for those he almost considers friends, and witness a moment of quiet comradeship between Commissar Severina Raine and one of her troopers. You'll also experience the horrors Astorath of the Blood Angels faces as he brings peace to a fallen battle-brother, and discover how the birth of the Great Rift brought Chaos to the great dynasties of the Imperium.

This subscription includes 6 eBook Quick Reads in ePub and mobi formats. Each day between Monday and Saturday, a new title will be added to the subscription zip file in your Black Library account, ready for you to download. If you subscribe partway through the week, all released stories will be made immediately available, with the remaining stories being added to your zip file each day. For more information on downloading and opening zip files, please refer to our Help pages.

Monday: Bringer of Sorrow by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Tuesday: The Mistress of Threads by John French
Wednesday: Lantern's Light by James Swallow
Thursday: Trials by Rachel Harrison
Friday: Angron: Ghost of Nuceria by Ian St. Martin
Saturday: Redeemer by Guy Haley

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