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Iron Warriors: The Omnibus


Iron Warriors: The Omnibus

Follow the schemes of the embittered Warsmith Honsou in his struggles against the hated Space Marines of the Imperium. Containing the novel Storm of Iron and the Novella Iron Warrior, gathered alongside several Iron Warrior short stories.


Experience the rise of Honsou from despised half-breed to one of the most dangerous Warsmiths within the Iron Warriors Legion – and one of Black Library’s most popular and compelling characters.


The brutal Iron Warriors lay siege to a huge imperial fortress in the classic novel Storm of Iron, collected alongside the full range of Iron Warriors short stories and novellas. “McNeill is in top form here” – Bolter and Chainsword on Iron Warrior (Novella) Contents: Storm of Iron The Enemy of my Enemy The Heraclitus Effect The Skull Harvest Iron Warrior The Iron Without The Best of Calth

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On the nightmare battlefields of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, few foes spark more fear and dread than the Chaos Space Marines. Nurturing a hatred that is millennia-old, they attack without mercy, spreading terror and destruction in their wake. Now hell has come to Hydra Cordatus, for a massive force of terrifying Iron Warriors, brutal assault troops of Chaos, have invaded the planet and lain siege to its mighty imperial citadel. But what prize could possibly be worth so much savage bloodshed and destruction and how long can the defenders possibly hold out?

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