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Lone Wolves

Lone Wolves
Lone WolvesLone WolvesLone WolvesLone Wolves

The story

Stranded on a remote ice-world, a ragtag group of Imperial Guard must fight for survival against the rampaging tyranids that have claimed the planet – their apparent salvation comes in the form of a detachment of Adeptus Astartes of the Space Wolves Chapter, who appear out of the frozen wastelands on a mission of their own. With seemingly no prospect other than a swift and bloody death at the claws of the alien menace, human and Space Marine must work together if they are to escape.

About the book

From the pen of New York Times bestselling author Dan Abnett and the artistic vision of Karl Richardson, Black Library brings you the classic graphic novel and additional story One Shot previously only published in Warhammer Monthly.

February 2012 • ISBN 9781849701662

Dan Abnett

warhammer-40000 space-marines imperial-guard

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