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Crucible (eBook)

Crucible (eBook)
Crucible (eBook)


At the heart of a rift in space and time awaits a monster from the darkest imaginings of man, a daemonic being of immense power and evil. A lone Grey Knight, Brother Istafel, is sent on a desperate and suicidal mission to banish this dark entity. But as he approaches the Crucible rift, he realises that all is not as it seems... Why was he sent on this mission? What is the purpose? And do his masters expect him to survive?


A Grey Knights short story from John French. Previously published in the Black Library Weekender Anthology (Saturday).

June 2013 • eBook, digital download - available in both 'epub' and 'mobi' formats. • ISBN 9781782511489

John French

$ 3.99

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