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Tales from Warzone Fenris


Tales from Warzone Fenris

Disaster strikes for the Space Wolves as their long-lost mutant brethren return to the galaxy, and daemons assault the Fenris system. Can the Space Wolves weather the storm, or are these the last days of the sons of Russ?

These are three stories that kick off a new chapter of the Warhammer 40,000 story. The future of the Space Wolves is in peril, their past comes back to haunt them, and their feuds with the Dark Angels and Inquisition come into play too... things don't look good for the guys in grey.

As the end of the 41st millennium approaches, secrets ten thousand years old will be revealed and conflicts from an age long gone will be reignited… When the long-lost Wulfen re-emerge into the galaxy, the Space Wolves hurry to return them to the fold. But why have they returned, and what power is behind it? The plot thickens when the forces of Chaos assault the Fenris system, daemons flooding through the Space Wolves' domain. Battle is joined, and the Chapter's future is on a knife-edge. But greater forces still stand in the shadows, awaiting the time to strike…

Curse of the Wulfen by David Annandale
Legacy of Russ by Robbie MacNiven
Vox Tenebris by Robbie MacNiven. Running time 65 minutes. Performed by John Banks, Steve Conlin and Toby Longworth.

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