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Eleven Tech Priests a Tinkering


Eleven Tech Priests a Tinkering

The servants of the Machine God are on the march in a bundle of eleven stories for the eleventh day of Christmas, including the Forge of Mars trilogy by Graham McNeill, and much more.


It's an essential collection of fiction starring the priests of Mars

All hail the Omnissiah! The servants of the Machine God march to war in five novels and six short stories from some of the robed masters of Warhammer 40,000 fiction. From the blasted wastes of a daemon-infused forge world where the Iron Warriors hold sway, to a Deathwatch mission in an Adeptus Mechanicus facility, to an expedition beyond the fringes of the galaxy, these tales showcase the Adeptus Mechanicus in a series of bold and innovative stories.

CONTENTSForge of Mars by Graham McNeill
Priests of Mars
Lords of Mars
Gods of Mars
Zero Day Exploit
Adeptus Mechanicus by Rob Sanders
The Omnissiah's Chosen
Vanguard by Peter Fehervari
Infinite Circuit by David Guymer
The Zheng Cipher by Josh Reynolds
Clade by Rob Sanders
The Enigma of Flesh by C L Werner