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Time of Legends

Time of Legends

Sigmar, chieftain of the Unberogens, unites the tribes of man and offers hope in the face of rising darkness. At Black Fire Pass he wins his greatest victory turning back the greenskin tide and sets about forging the Empire.

Far to the south, thousands of years before, the high priest Nagash discovers the secret of immortal life, and masters the arts of dark magic to conquer a nation. The shadow of the Lord of the Undead, as he will come to be known, is long and everlasting – one day it will touch the Empire and Sigmar himself…

The name of Malekith lives forever in infamy in the history of the elves. His dark ambition instigates the civil war that will engulf the magical island of Ulthuan and tear a race in half. The echoes of that struggle will sound for eternity…

These are the legendary heroes and events that shaped the Warhammer World.

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