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Nine Loyal Primarchs


Nine Loyal Primarchs

The nine loyal sons of the Emperor take to the fore in nine stories – one for each of them – which showcase a key tale from them from the Great Crusade or Horus Heresy.


If you want to take a wild trip through the Horus Heresy focusing on the nine primarchs who dedicated themselves to defending the Emperor's dream, look no further.

When the Horus Heresy began, the Emperor's sons, the primarchs, split into two camps: loyal and traitor. This collection contains a tale of each of the loyal primarchs, collected together in the ultimate bundle for all servants of the Emperor.

Three novels and six novellas from the Horus Heresy and Primarchs series:
Roboute Guilliman: Lord of Ultramar by David Annandale
Praetorian of Dorn by John French
Feat of Iron and Promethean Sun by Nick Kyme
Fear to Tread by James Swallow
Ravenlord and The Lion by Gav Thorpe
Brotherhood of the Storm and Wolf King by Chris Wraight