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The Best of 2015: The Horus Heresy


The Best of 2015: The Horus Heresy

A Horus Heresy eBook bundle

Ultramarines, Word Bearers, Salamanders, more Word Bearers, Imperial Fists, Iron Warriors and more wage war for the Imperium's fate in this collection of the best Horus Heresy titles of 2015.

It'll bring you band up to date on events in the Horus Heresy, including such juicy details as the fate of Vulkan, what happened to the artillery the Lion gave to the Iron Warriors and what's going on in Ultramar with the Shadow Crusade.

From the desperate battles in the Underworld of Calth to the Salamanders' odyssey to bring their primarch home, this bundle collects together a selection of Black Library titles from 2015 that showcase the very best Horus Heresy stories from the past year.

This eBundle includes 3 novels, a novella, an anthology and 3 Quick Reads:

The Unburdened by David Annandale
The Eagle's Talon by John French
Deathfire & Artefacts by Nick Kyme
The Purge by Anthony Reynolds
The Honoured & Ironfire by Rob Sanders
Blades of the Traitor by various authors