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Inquisitor Ascendant

Graphic Novels

Inquisitor Ascendant

A Warhammer 40,000 graphic novel

Inquisitor Defay and his acolyte Gravier investigate the infernal on the world of Nicodemus in the classic graphic novel by Dan Abnett.

It's a creepy, danger-filled mystery story about the Imperial Inquisition by Dan Abnett where nothing is at it seems and no one can be trusted... and this one's a graphic novel!

Dark powers are at work on the planet of Nicodemus and Inquisitor Defay and his young apprentice, Gravier, are sent to investigate. As they delve into the mysterious events on the world, their destinies divide and it becomes clear that Defay is not all that Gravier thought... or perhaps he is much, much more.

Written by Dan Abnett. Art by Simon Coleby and Jim Brady