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Ahriman Collection


Ahriman Collection

Exiled from the Thousand Sons, Ahriman the sorcerer embarks on an epic quest with a single goal: undoing his greatest failure and saving his Legion.

It’s an epic saga of grand ambition that pits one of Warhammer 40,000’s greatest antiheroes against, well, pretty much the entire galaxy, including Space Marines, the Inquisition and his own brothers. Oh yeah, and the primarch Magnus the Red makes a significant appearance…

Cast from his Legion and spurned by his brothers, Ahriman is a wanderer. After his actions damned the Thousand Sons to an eternity as bodiless souls, he was magically exiled, unable to ever return home. This collection of tales follows Ahriman as he travels across the Eye of Terror and into the material universe, battling the servants of the Imperium and pawns of the Dark Gods alike as he plans his greatest scheme yet – redoing his Rubric and reversing the damage done to the Legion.

This collection contains the novels Ahriman: Exile, Ahriman: Sorcerer and Ahriman: Unchanged and the anthology Ahriman: Exodus which includes the short stories ‘The Dead Oracle’, ‘Fortune’s Fool’, ‘Hounds of Wrath’, ‘The First Prince’, ‘Gates of Ruin’, ‘All is Dust’, ‘Hand of Dust’ and ‘King of Ashes’.

Written by John French

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