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The Horus Heresy


A Horus Heresy story

Travelling with the White Scars, Revuel Arvida – perhaps the last loyal son of Prospero – must decide where his allegiance lies, even as the Khan's sons are riven by treachery in their midst.

It continues a pair of stories from Chris Wraight's Heresy novels, and shows how loyalty and allegiance is never easy during a civil war, and how one event can change the way a warrior views the universe – and himself.

After the Second Battle of Prospero, the White Scars carry a lone sorcerer with them – Revuel Arvida, only survivor of the Wolf King’s wrath. Guided by the Stormseer Yesugei, he recovers his esoteric powers, as well as reliving memories of a world turned to ashes. But the sons of Chogoris are wounded too, riven by the treachery that almost destroyed them. As the Khan delivers his painful judgement on those of his warriors who swore the fateful blood oath, Arvida too must decide where his true allegiance lies – to those who saved him from oblivion, or to the lost legacy of his own primarch.

Written by Chris Wraight

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