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Call of Archaon (Exclusive Edition)

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Fiction

Call of Archaon (Exclusive Edition)

A Realmgate Wars novel
Limited to 500 copies

Three champions of Chaos are roused from the ongoing war against Sigmar's servants and compelled to journey into the heart of darkness. Their goal? To serve at the side of the Everchosen himself, Archaon, as one of his Varanguard. But the trials before them are many, and not all will survive...

It's the whole epic Call of Archaon saga in one book. See what trials the followers of Chaos must undergo to prove themselves worthy of the ultimate honour: joining the ranks of the Everchosen's Varanguard. It's brutal, bloody and with three (anti)heroes, there's no way they're all succeeding... or surviving.

Of the many champions of Chaos, none are as great or as feared as mighty Archaon. He is the Everchosen, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse and Ender of Worlds, and it is a worthy warrior indeed who can fight by his side. Such Knights of Ruin are known as the Varanguard. Only by answering the call of Archaon can a warrior of Chaos ascend to their ranks, and acceptance is never guaranteed, for their mettle must first be proven. In this dark tale, three fell champions of the Chaos Gods all heed the call of the Everchosen. Each desires the ultimate prize: to become part of the Varanguard. But where one is chosen, others will fail, for Archaon’s will is cruel and his trials exacting...

Written by David Annandale, David Guymer, Guy Haley and Rob Sanders

A stunningly-presented 304-page hardback novel. It has striking cover art, soft-touch cover lamination and beautiful embossing. This exclusive edition, presented as a softback book inside a foldout hard case, is a must-purchase for both collectors and anyone wishing to see the lengths to which the servants of Chaos will go to join Archaon's elite Varanguard. Strictly limited to 500 copies, this edition features a unique, bespoke design only available at

The contents of this novel have been previously released in the form of the short stories Beneath the Black Thumb, Eye of the Storm, The Solace of Rage, Knight of Corruption, The Trial of the Chosen, In the Lands of the Blind, Blood and Plague, and See No Evil.

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