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Macragge's Honour

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Macragge's Honour

The first ever Horus Heresy graphic novel

Following the attack on Calth, the Word Bearers battle-barge Infidus Imperator is pursued across the galaxy by the Ultramarines flagship, under the tireless command of Marius Gage.

It's the first ever Horus Heresy graphic novel, and it's like a hundred million dollar movie spread across 100 pages. Neil Roberts' glorious widescreen artwork merges perfectly with Dan Abnett's epic story, and every page has something that will make your jaw drop. Our favourite is the spread with thousands of Ultramarines battling tides of daemons on the hull of a starship... Or maybe Marius Gage cutting an immense warp entity in two with his sword. Or some of the scenes of the Macragge's Honour and Infidus Imperator locked in battle. Or...

In the aftermath of the Word Bearers' attack on Calth, the wounded Kor Phaeron flees aboard his battle-barge Infidus Imperator, intent on returning to the war that now rages across the entire galaxy. But the Ultramarines First Chapter Master Marius Gage – under orders from Roboute Guilliman himself – has taken the mighty flagship Macragge's Honour in pursuit, and the battle to come will surely be remembered for all eternity. Cut off from their Legions and with no hope of reinforcement, the crews of the two vessels stalk one another to the very edge of reality... and beyond.

128-page hardback graphic novel featuring the 100-page story by Dan Abnett and Neil Roberts, plus pages of behind-the-scenes material, including script pages, sketches and more.

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