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Betrayer (Unabridged Audiobook Mp3)

Betrayer (Unabridged Audiobook Mp3)
Betrayer (Unabridged Audiobook Mp3)


The Shadow Crusade has begun. While the Ultramarines reel from Kor Phaeron’s surprise attack on Calth, Lorgar and the rest of the Word Bearers strike deep into the realm of Ultramar. Their unlikely allies, Angron and the World Eaters, continue to ravage each new system they come across – upon the garrison planet of Armatura, this relentless savagery may finally prove to be their undoing. Worlds will burn, Legions will clash and a primarch will fall.


Produced by Black Library and Heavy Entertainment. Running time approx 17 hours.

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December 2012 • Mp3 Dowload - ZIP file
• ISBN 9780857876423

Aaron Dembski-Bowden
$ 40.00

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